About Us

 The question is/was always the same after using one of the exquisite writing instruments that I designed and created. How did you do this? How did you get started? How do you create these? My answer is always the same.......Easier than explaining to my mother the first time I bought a Mont Blanc for $600, while in college. At my 20 year high school reunion, in 2014, I remember one of my classmates telling my wife that she remembers me trading pens with everyone all through school. 

When I began my career, I was always taught that not only do you play the part, act the part, but you also dress the part....not for the position you are beginning, but the position that you are inspired for. Before the big interview, I remember buying my first Mont Blanc to go along with my leather journal, nice suit, and french cuff shirt. I fell in love with the writing experience and immediately began a collection. From that moment on, I could not use a "regular" pen. As I would attend sales calls, my career began to flourish. I felt the suit, journal, and the luxury writing instrument set me apart from my competition and gave me instant credibility, which gave me the confidence to succeed. 

I remember the very first handcrafted pen that I received; a birthday present from a friend of mine. It happened at a great time; a time that I was looking for a hobby that could help with the much needed stress relief.  From that moment on, it was my "go to" pen. The "handcrafted" gave new meaning to me, because someone took their time and used their skills to make it; just for me. It was unique and one-of-a-kind and was cherished. I did the research because I decided that this was the path I wanted to go. I found a class that very weekend at our local Woodcraft store. I immediately signed up and have not looked back. I remember the very first pens that I made, which I proudly display in my office, next to the masterpieces that I create today with the incredible journey and experience, along with some life skills, I learned throughout the years.

When I graduated high school, I was offered college tuition for 4 years by my grandfather; of course, with very strict guidelines. This allowed me to earn my Business and Marketing degree. With the education, along with life experiences, I decided to pursue my dreams of producing my own luxury line of writing instruments. Today, I use all types of materials to create a pen. Once I choose the materials, I choose the hardware. I only use the finest, high grade plating and hardware. While I realize there are other choices, I am a believer in value, exceptional quality and reliability. Once this is completed, I handcraft the pen using my lathe in my studio. 

At Signature Pen Company, my mission is to design and handcraft unique, one-of-a-kind writing instruments.  I believe that a quality writing instrument can create a author a new book, sign a law, obtain that new promotion, and to help someone obtain their dream job. 

I believe everyone should have the opportunity to commerate your past, compose your future, and celebrate your achievements!

Our motto: Write.With.Inspiration!

Jon David Jones